Shiva Mirzahaidar


  1. Completed Wearable Product Proposal!

    Date 10 May 2018
    Hey Everyone Since I last introduced you to my wearable technology project, I compiled my research into one presentation, developed creative content strategy, designed infographics with data and analytics from my own surveying as well as curated statistics, and rounded out the phases of my business plan with costs and…

  2. The Completed App!

    Date 03 May 2018
    Hello Everyone I’m so excited to finally share my final app with you. This has been in the works since early December 2017. You can read through my research, surveying, and design process here. Below is my pitch deck and app demo made with Adobe Xd.  This was my first…

  3. New Project: Wearable Tech

    Date 27 Mar 2018
    Hi Everyone I’m excited to talk to you all about another project I’ve been working on outside of my music horoscope app. Being in my final semester of undergrad, I’ve been pushing myself to learn as much about research and design as possible. I started working on wearable technology product…

  4. User Flows and UI Progress

    Date 24 Mar 2018
    Hi Everyone Since I last talked to you all about my app, I have made some major progress on the UX and UI. I’ve been making detailed user flows and user scenarios, as well as experimenting with the visual identity. Moving forward, I am going to apply these sketches towards…

  5. Senior Thesis

    Date 04 Mar 2018
    Hi Everyone My last post introduced my thesis as a graphic design major in my final semester. I am excited to share with you all photographs from the final exhibit set up! Just as a refresher, my project is a postcard series of typographic experiments that depict the clumsy endearingness…

  6. Senior Thesis Introduction

    Date 15 Jan 2018
    Hey Everyone I wanted to take a quick pause in between posts concerning my app to fill you in on my senior thesis. I just began my final semester of college at St. Edward’s University. As a graphic design major, I have the opportunity to showcase my work in the…

  7. Music and Mood Surveying

    Date 02 Jan 2018
    Hi Everyone I’ve pushed forward with learning more about the links between music and mood. I conducted a survey where I asked a small audience several questions about whether or not music impacts their mood, their favorite genres based on mood if music is an effective coping mechanism, among other…

  8. Music Psychology

    Date 22 Dec 2017
    Hey Everyone Since we last spoke, I’ve been collecting scholarly articles on astrology; its impact and relationship to various cultures and age groups, how it gained momentum in modern day pop culture, and how popular apps get their content. I also conducted more visual research on astrology app UI/UX. Now, I’m…

  9. Let the Research Begin

    Date 14 Dec 2017
    Hey Everyone!  Since last talking to you all, I started to conduct some surveys to see who’s out there using horoscope apps, why or why not, and their thoughts on astrology as a means of self-identifying. After 100 people were surveyed I decided to share some of the results here.…

  10. Hello and a New Project!

    Date 09 Dec 2017
    Oh hi there!  Welcome to my first blog post. I thought I’d use this platform as a means to keep a sort of journal on project and career updates. What better way to kick blogging off then by telling you all about a huge project I’m working on! I decided…

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